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Some fun photos of events, groups, initiatives and people making a difference in our community…

A strong, experienced and effective voice on Halifax Regional Council for residents of the Bedford-Wentworth community

Since being elected HRM and District 16 have seen tremendous progress on forward thinking policies, improved services, more facilities, better communication, and new or improved infrastructure. Plus, fiscal responsibility that has resulted in lower debt, increases to capital project reserves, no tax increases three times, and a financial position and growth envied by many other cities in Canada.

Strong advocate for progressive policies on social, environmental, development, safety and transportation issues.

Demonstrates fiscal responsibility during decision making.

Effective communicator and relationship builder.

Proven leadership ability.


A safe, welcoming, diverse and inclusive community and municipality that are both progressive and fiscally stable.


Since being elected your representative on Regional Council, there has been significant progress on policies, services, facilities, infrastructure, communication, fiscal responsibility, and transparency.


Continue my commitment to be responsive, provide frequent communication and consultation, listen, and work collaboratively to balance progressive and innovative policies and services with fiscal responsibility.



Frequent communication via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, weekly email Updates, newsletters, media interviews, and presentations to groups and associations. Plus, fast responses to your questions and ideas.

About Tim

  • Husband, father, animal lover, and community volunteer.
  • 30 years of national and international business experience.

  • Education and training in history, political science, business, economic development, marketing and management.

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3 days ago

Hi Tim - couple of trees on the path from shore drive to dewolfe still need to be tucked in. They’ve been sitting like this for a least a couple weeks. ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

District 16 winners highlighted! ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

Afternoon, I was wondering either the Federal government’s recent largesse (with our money) to subsidize electric buses will HRM dump the plan to buy Deisel buses? ... See MoreSee Less
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4 months ago

Hi Tim, I would like to suggest(request) that the lights at the Ridgevale Dr. & Dartmouth Rd. intersection get a delay for pedestrians. Just last week I witnessed two women crossing at the light, only to have a truck cruise toward the crosswalk. If I had not leaned on the horn, they would have been hit. Also, I have watched the school crossing guard many times have to hold kids back until the next light, as vehicles turn into the crosswalk. Many who use the crosswalk know to watch for those who run the red light and people turning left, but it would be much safer to have the delay. Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less
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4 months ago

I would like to put up a small chain link fence in our back yard for dogs. Does this require a permit ... See MoreSee Less
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Nova Scotia is announcing no cases of COVID-19 today, June 21. There are a total of 79 active cases in the province.

For more, read the news release:

Nova Scotia is reporting 2 new cases of COVID-19 today. There are 83 active cases in the province. For more information, read the news release at

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District 16 Update for May 2 2021

Hi folks, I hope you are staying well and doing your best to follow the rules and guidelines put in place by N.S. Public Health. I realize this is hard on everyone, but it will pass.   Council Meeting & Budget   Regional Council will be meeting this...

As your councillor, you can expect more of the same going forward!


Frequent communication


Fast responses to your ideas and questions


Questionnaires and polls to solicit your feedback


Fiscal responsibility


I will listen to you

Remember TimTV?

Much has changed in our district since I was first elected in 2008. It’s a larger district with new boundaries that encompass Larry Uteck, Starboard Drive, Royal Hemlocks, West Bedford and more. While the number of families I represent has changed over the past 12 years (and my hair has gone a little “fairer”), my commitment to the priorities we all share remains the same. Take a trip down memory lane and watch a collection of my TimTV episodes, a series created during the past municipal elections to help residents get to know me, my family, my supporters and the community I call home. 

Pay no mind, of course, to the dates at the end of the videos (they’re from elections past).

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